Welcome to the new school year! 

I hope everybody had a fun-filled, relaxing summer! Even though it was quick, I am very excited for this upcoming school year! We have some fun pieces we will be performing at the Winter and Spring concerts and even an new recital opportunity! More information on this opportunity coming soon! 

     In this website, you will find recordings of all of the concert band music for the upcoming concerts, announcements, class expectations, and articles about practicing, and reading music.  

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email me at: mshetler@mascenic.org. 

Thank you for your support at home! I'm looking forward to a wonderful year! 

Mrs. Shetler




In class, we will review rhythm and note reading at the beginning every day.  We will play games to help attain that given information as well.  We will always warm up our instruments with full band/full class exercises which will let each student play their best when going over concert music.  

Expectations of every student include: 

      Get to class on time

      Remember your instrument(always)

      Bring your music to class(always)

      Bring a pencil, NOT A PEN!(always)

If any of these above requirements are forgotten, points will get taken off of the students' preparation grade for a total of 20 daily points.   

         Participation--> 40%

         Classwork/Listening Logs-->30%

         Bi-Weekly Playing Tests-->20%

         Written Quizzes-->10%


Class  Expectations


"Band is the best thing anybody can do and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise."-George Parks

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